Principal's Corner

When I originally said that I would be updating this page at the beginning of September I actually meant mid October so I do apologize about that. With that being said, some great things things have been taking place here at Tri-County! Students are learning, extra curricular activities are well underway, and the teachers are working hard to insure that every student is not only learning but working hard in the classroom. The end of the 1st Quarter will be Friday October 12 and it is hard to believe that we are already to that stage of the school year since it seems that school just started not that long ago. 

With the 1st Quarter coming to a close that means Parent Teacher Conferences are going to held the following week on Thursday the 18th and will run from 1:00-6:00 PM. I strongly encourage that parents and students come and meet with their student's or students' teachers. Research from the US Department of Education shows that parent involvement can have a significant influence on a student's achievement level in all grades. The teachers here at Tri-County would enjoy talking to you about the progress your student or students have made so far this year. If for some reason you cannot make it on this date let us know and we can make other arrangements for you to meet with the teacher or teachers. We work hard to promote a strong line of open communication for any parent or guardian in our school district. 

I am going to end this update by telling you all what you probably already know but our students at Tri-County are a hard working bunch. I see evidence of this everyday when I pop into a classroom to observe what learning is taking place. Hard work is an important key to success that requires little talent to personify and replicate. One of the reasons I see so much hard work from our students is because of the expectations of our teachers. Our teachers have high expectations for all students and push their students to strive for and achieve those expectations. Sometimes our students face some adversity when those high expectations are trying to be achieved. The student may struggle with the content and that is not always a bad thing. Our teachers are always willing to help a student who struggles in their classrooms but, at the same time, let the student know it will take hard work from the student and teacher alike to overcome the struggle. What our students may or may not realize is that this trait of hard work could be what separates them from whatever competition they may face in the future when it comes to obtaining/keeping jobs, getting into college/trade school, and finding success with whatever they decide to do with their life. If our students continue to work hard after their time here at Tri-County R-VII the sky is the limit on the amount of success they can find afterwards. 

I hope you all have a good day and go Mustangs!