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       Hello!  My name is Pamela Cox and this is my third year as the elementary principal at Tri-County R-7!  I have been in education for 20 years, teaching second and fourth grade. I enjoy seeing students succeed, and I love to have a part in the process.  Our staff strives to provide the best learning environment possible, and I believe we do!  I am looking forward to a great year, even with all of the challenges, I know it will be a good one! Below is more information about AMI, which is the plan that we will use if we have any closures due to weather and/or sickness. 

September Newsletter

October Newsletter

Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year!  I have missed the students so much and I look forward to seeing them

when we return to school. By now you have received a letter from Mr. Probasco outlining the safety measures we are

taking this fall.  While things are different in the world right now, Tri-County staff members are doing everything possible

to ensure a safe and healthy place for our students.  

We are doing our best to  prepare for the new school year and this includes creating an AMI plan.  AMI stands for

Alternative Method of Instruction.  The AMI plan will be used for the days we are out of school due to inclement weather,

and/or illness.  Some of the components of the plan will resemble what happened in March when we closed the school

due to Covid-19.  However, the plan may look different depending on the age and grade of your student. For grades

preschool through second grade, your child will have a binder filled with worksheets, and the directions for the day. 

This may include suggestions of online activities, including logins and passwords. This binder needs to be kept safe

until time to use it and the assignments must be completed and turned in when the child returns to school. 

Turning in assignments will count for daily attendance and grades.  

For students in  third and fourth grade, assignments will be posted on Google classroom.  To use Google classroom

your student has been given an email address to access it. Their login and passwords will be provided.  

Those assignments must be completed and turned in to count for daily attendance and grades.  

If you are in need of a device, they are available for checking out.  If a third or fourth grader does not have access to

the internet, a binder, similar to the ones described above, will be provided.  

Two important changes for AMI days this year are attendance and grades.  In order to count for attendance, assignments

must be completed.  If your child has not completed the assignment for the AMI day(s), once we return to in-person schooling,

they will be given 2 days to complete the missing work.  Secondly, grades will be taken on work completed during AMI days. 

Key Points to Remember: 

  • You will receive a message via Textcaster to announce an AMI day.

  • Once an AMI day is announced, please assist your child with finding, and completing their daily assignment. 

  • If your child has a binder, please keep it in a safe place until needed.

  • If your child has a binder, send completed work back to school to ensure attendance is counted.

  • Your child will have two school days to complete missed work assigned for AMI days, once they return to school. 

  • If your child has access to the internet, complete assignments online and submit/turn in to your child’s teacher.  

  • Teachers will be available for help via phone, email, and/or Facebook (depending on the grade level) during school hours only.  Please contact teachers if you need help from 8:00 to 3:00 Monday - Friday.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.


Sincerely, Pamela Cox, 

Principal, Tri-County R-7 Elementary

For additional support for AMI - Alternative Method of Instruction (at-home learning during a school closure).